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When I was a young girl...

I remember the most amazing place in Mt. Kisco called "The Goodie Shop." It was located where Lefteris Gyro is now. We used to frequent it after church on Sundays for a hot fudge sundae or an occasional candy stick. Those memories stuck with me forever, and now I wanted to create the feeling of a similar place in town...hence the name "Frannie's Goodie Shop." This is my version of what a goodie shop is today...a place where you can ibaby cicca smndulge and not feel guilty about it.

Frozen yogurt is good for you (especially the premium brand that I will serve called YoCream). It contains calcium and live and active cultures (probiotics) to help maintain the balance that our digestive systems need to function at its best.

We did a great amount of research and visited the YoCream manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon, and know that this product is the real deal...a product that has a two-step manufacturing process which involves fermenting the milk for 6-8 hours prior to adding any of the flavors so that the live and active cultures will remain and benefit the end user.

I am proud to say that we are able to post the "Live and Active Culture" seal that is given by the National Yogurt Association for yogurt containing at least 10 million cultures per gram. I am happy to say that YoCream products exceed this amount and contain at least 100-200 million cultures per gram for their sweet profile and 300-400 million cultures per gram for their tart profile. Make sure that this seal is present when eating yogurt from a supermarket or a frozen yogurt cafe to ensure that you are getting these probiotic benefits.

Topping the yogurt with fresh fruit will also increase its nutritional value, and it can be considered a healthy meal replacement or snack. We do have many other toppings to satisfy many tastes and age groups.

The cafe also features the many flavors of Amanzi Tea, Wolfgang Puck Coffee, made-to-order espresso beverages, freshly prepared desserts, snacks and speciality confections.

It was time for me to make a change in my life which involved a little more than the usual wife, mother, homemaker, taxi driver, workoutaholic being that I was defining myself as. Life whizzes by and we want to feel some self-fulfillment along the way...even if it's a smile, wink or a "thank you and enjoy your day."

The cafe gives me the opportunity to make life a little sweeter for our community. We regularly donate a percentage of our sales each quarter to a local, community-based charity. I believe we need to help out our local neighbors in need first and foremost.

Thanks for reading about us, and I hope to see you soon!


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