Goodie Shop Specials

At Frannie’s we put our customers first!

That's why we've come up with some cool ways to say "thanks for being a customer!"

Frannie’s Reward Card


Don't have one? Get one...It's FREE! For every frozen yogurt purchased, you'll get a punch (the card...not you) and after 10 purchases, you get a FREE 5oz frozen yogurt! (a $2.95 value)


Frannie’s Goodie Shop T-shirt

Frannie's Goodie Shop T-Shirt

Wear a Goodie Shop t-shirt into the store and get an automatic 10% discount.  It's only $10!


















Work in the Neighborhood?

In an effort to support our local businesses, Frannie’s Goodie Shop will give all employees of local businesses 10% off their purchase. Just let us know where you work in the neighborhood!


Senior Citizen Discount

10% off for all our beloved Seniors! Everyday!


Frannie’s Goodie Shop supports being active and healthy!

  • Saw Mill Club member? Let us know and you'll receive 10% off your purchase

  • Stop in to the Goodie Shop after practice or a game (in your uniform) and receive $2 off your yogurt that day!


Join the Eskimo Club


Here's how it works:

  1. Come into Frannie’s Goodie Shop on any day the temperature is 32°F or below

  2. Create your frozen yogurt

  3. Step outside to completely finish your frozen yogurt with the other cool eskimos

  4. And we'll give it to you for .39 cents an ounce!

Keep checking our Facebook page,  local businesses and local events for coupons! We always have something out there, so take a look around.

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